Regional Transect

The transcendency of the transect.


The framework CINETONE® uses techniques that have been developed in forest ecology and silvology. This in order to come to an integral diagnosis of the tone of a regional collaboration, in this case concrete economic region in The Netherlands. It is the transect.

It is a field view from the policy and position perspective logistics and infrastructure. The transect stretches over a distance of 40 kilometer from west to east and is 40 kilometers deep. Each tree in this transect belongs to the set of most active organisations in the region related to the mentioned policy.

Regional Transect © CINETONE®

The influences and positions of organisations in government (blue), business (red), science (green) and education (yellow) were determined in an interactive session of two hours with four opinion leaders.

This transect makes clear at a glance where and who the main players are. The higher the tree and larger the crown, the more influence on the strengthening of the position of the region in a broader context. It is about the actual functioning of the so-called quadruple helix. Consider this image not only as an artistic result of dialogue and diagnosis. It served the region in preparing further developments in collaboration and strengthening of roles of certain organisations.