Finding the Tone

About a time travel and catching the tone of a city.


This website is about finding the tone. For good navigation, public navigation, knowing the tone is key. It is the general character, quality, trend, frame of mind, color, mood and with showing the essence of a subject, object, group, organisation, city or nature area. You simply can not navigate to a target, value, goal or destination, if you do not know where you are. 


Central in the approach of finding and diagnosing, is considering the object of study as a living organism, as an ecosystem like that of a forest. For that CINETONE® was designed. It functions as a camera with a set of lenses, filters, films, pixel settings and perspectives to capture the tone.

CIvitas Naturalis Ecosystemic TONE forms the acronym. It is registered as trademark. 

This site is about finding, sensing, studying and diagnosing the determinants of the system, like there are components, processes, cycles, roles, interactions, traits and factors. It is about getting socionomic and ecologic insight in compositions, patterns and structures. 

In the displayed works on this website there are the field views as well as the eagle (hovering) views. For the first set of observations transects, paintings, texts, drawings, designs and photos are used.

For the second set, the chess board is used as a basic canvas, functioning as a grid, a layer over the object of study. For each field (out of the 64) the most present components (read: organisations) are measured and mapped. And there are schematic and conceptual drawings and diagrams. We make use of a specific set of colours, symbols and codes.

Let us find out, what the world has to offer in terms of impressions and expressions related to finding the tone. Personal observations are added.