Eagle View Canvas

One of the first dialogues at the start of the development of our framework in 2015, was about how in concreto to express the diagnosis of a topic, issue or theme. The idea came up – inspired by remote sensing techniques and advanced forest ecosystem research methods –  to use a grid.

Every field in the grid could be used to display the findings and measurements. The collection of fields could express the state of an object, topic or area of study. The grid is flexible, styled, applicable to cities and natural areas and above all easy to understand. And it can be expanded and scaled, thereby be able to link different levels of the system.

Chess board

We decided to choose for the chess board as the basic canvas of the framework, which has 8*8 = 64 fields. It gives the possibility for the creation of an eagle view, for the city or society seen-from-above. It can feel as a map of pixels and by that form a picture.

There was in 2015 and still is in 2022 the conviction, that the chess board is powerful and conceptually well positioned to carry findings of dialogues and attached measurements. Chess players know how versatile and strong the board feels. Its border and inherent limitation is great starting point. It is intellectually spoken an old and proven basis for strategists and thinkers. From the first moment on we experienced the clarity in the expression what we saw.

Black and white

We decided to start using black and white as first expression colours in the fields. White expresses the generic blossoming and balancing act of life in the (parts of the city), communities, society or nature, being the positive outcome of all stakes, interests, strategies, policies and decisions. Black is used for expressing the total of institutions, that represents the steering (some say system) components of law, rule and regulation.

The white canvas is where life dominates and flourishes, the black canvas is where the law and its institutions dominates thinking and acting. The black and white chess board canvas could be a metaphor for the balance between the two. We will discover the potential strength of the canvas to express a wide range of diagnoses.

One picture

The use of the canvas has the advantage that complex issues can be displayed in a relatively compact way. There is an adage that says one picture is worth more than a thousand words, “meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image, which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a mere verbal description.” (source Wikipedia)

The chess board of 8*8 fields as the CINETONE® basic canvas for eagle view gives us that possibility of one picture. It is our canvas.